Monday, January 4, 2010

52 books in 52 weeks

Did you think I had forgotten you???
Well, just didn't think I had anything interesting to say, but now I want to get back into the blogging business.
My darling daughter is still dancing, going full steam with the competitions.
I started a new job, church secretary at our church
I love it and glad I waited for this job.

Think I want to try to do the 52 books in 52 weeks. May be difficult, was able to read all week-end (over New Years) but it's a big book. Stephen King's Under the Dome.
Love his writing, he writes the characters so real that I feel like I know them!
I really get into the book so much so that when one of them dies, I cry :(

Well almost done with that one, should be able to finish tonight. That's the trouble with this though is that when it's a so/so book, I don't want to read it. When it's a good book (at least one that I like) I can hardly put it down and I don't want it to end.

Wish me luck, I will probably need it!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cream That Egg!

This guy has way too much time on his hands!!!
Cool video though.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Kid's Kicked Butt Again!

Home from another competition, this time IDC in Tampa. Long week-end but it turned out well in the end.

Legally Blonde started off rough, they were the second number on Saturday. Two girls lost their hairpieces, someone lost one of the pom poms and one of the older girls lost her spin and had to stop. We all were devastated, thinking they had just lost their chance at high score or entertainment award. Later they received a Platinum and were asked to perform again in the Entertainment Challenge and Won! YEA

Then Rock'n the boat we all thought went well but they only received a High Gold. Personally I think they performed better than ever. Who knows, won't know what the judges think until the studio owners get the paperwork.

Ooh La La only got a High Gold, not sure what Shanna will do with this number, needs something I guess.

Big Bad Wolf Daddy kicked butt, they came out and wowed the judges. They received a Platinum and 2nd runner up to the Ultimate Challenge (overall high score) and High Score in their division.

Don't Fence Me In, did very well also, they received High Score in their division and received a Platinum.

The Seniors did well also, they took the tap the number that they had done a couple of years ago at a different competition to this one. Hot Chocolate and received a Platinum as well as were asked to perform in the Entertainment Challenge and WON!
Their other number I Run For Life also received a Platinum. Very powerful and all the girls were crying at the end. It's a song by Melissa Etherage about breast cancer, which one of the Mom's of the seniors just recoverd from. So as you can imagine it was very personal for all of them.

All in all it was a great week-end, long but exciting. Molly had fun and thats the thing that keeps us going. If she wasn't having fun with this we wouldn't be doing it.
Not as many good pictures of Molly, so I'll share just a few that were cute as well as the basket toss the older girls do in Legally Blonde. Bill sat next to the photographer (same one from last year that he chatted with) and told him when the shot was coming, so he also got one of Margaret in the air. They printed that up in a poster and had it displayed in the lobby!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ooh La La

Well, I finally got around to viewing all of the pictures Bill took from the dance competition. He hadn't seen the dances all the way through so he missed some key shots. We have another one coming up this week-end so he will definitely get them there.
Here are some pictures of Molly in the Ooh La La ballet. They only gave this one a gold, missed the Platinum only by a point and a half. Bill was in the wrong position and didn't get many pictures of Molly, hopefully this next week-end he will get some better shots.

This shot I can't even see Molly but it is the end pose of the number.

Legally Blonde

Here are some shots of Molly in Legally Blonde which was a production number and included the juniors, teens and seniors, roughly 40 some girls. They loved this number and it received a Platinum award and Entertainment Award. Next time Bill will get some of the shots of the older girls doing a basket toss of Margaret, she got higher than the roof of Delta Nu!

This is Vanessa, one of the seniors, who played Elle in the dance. Molly is directly to the left of Vanessa. This is the part where she was "showing them the dress" and singing to them about being proposed to. The backdrop was amazing and turned into Harvard Law when it came time for that part of the dance.

Big Bad Wolf Daddy Dance

Here are some pictures of Molly in the tap dance "Big Bad Wolf Daddy", she is in the blue hat. This dance received a Platinum and nominated for Critic's Choice.

Don't Fence Me In

Here are the shots of Molly in "Don't Fence Me In". This was a Musical Theater dance and received a Platinum award and the Entertainment Award.

This isn't Molly but I thought it was a cute picture!