Friday, October 31, 2008

The Neighborhood Association Police

Yes, I live in a gated neighborhood, not too uncommon down in Florida. Don't know why they have the gates, it's not too hard for anyone to get in. Along with the gated neighborhood comes the "Neighborhood Association". It's really anyone who doesn't have anything better to do than rat out your neighbors. Now I appreciate a well kept lawn just as much as the next person but come on, we just got a letter from our friendly neighborhood association (I won't add the name my husband gives them). Asking us to please remove the "unapproved political sign in our yard" within 10 days. Well the election is over by then, duh. They just sent out the letter this week, and if it was such a eye sore than they should have sent it out when we first put it up a couple of weeks ago. I think they are just covering their butts by asking us to take it down after the election. What a crock, isn't this the United States? Isn't there freedom of speech (Oh yea, I forgot we have a dictator for a president currently I hope that is remedied this next week, btw). Anyway, what's with all the Halloween crap out in everyone's lawn, isn't that in violation? Not to say we don't decorate for Halloween, we do and our polictical sign is right in front of our Oogy Boogy (the big green guy from "The Nightmare before Christmas" If anyone has a Jack the Pumpkin King or Sally blow-ups, let me know we have been searching for them!) Now how can our sign be that obnoxious next to Oogy Boogy? Oh well, here's a picture of the sign and our blow-up Oogy Boogy.Maybe they'll take it as "Vote for Obama or get eaten by the Oogy Boogy", guess it couldn't hurt!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feels like I'm back in School

What is with 3rd grade a ton of homework? Man, I feel like I'm back in school. I think the teachers give all that homework just to see how well the parents do. Molly brought home information on the Science Fair last night. Well I informed my husband Bill, that this was his and Molly's project to do. She has to keep a journal and come up with a hypotheses, prove or disprove it, and then create a display board with her findings (YEA for me). She also brought home a project due next Tuesday about the election. She has to create a collage including pictures, articles, editorials and headlines about the election. This too is Bill's project since he majored in poly/sci. He did state that it was my part of the project to help her put it on the paper, that I think I can do! Now my projects are the book reports and the book projects we have to do each month. This month we picked making a front page of a newspaper that related to the book. So far we picked the harder projects to do so that we can coast the rest of the year. Next month we are doing the dreaded board game of which I have heard described at dance. There are several teachers who's daughters dance with Molly so if there is any questions about school I know I have a whole forum to choose from right in the waiting area of Dance!

A side note about the weather, Molly has proclaimed it is too cold to go to school. The overnight low was 41 degrees and supposed to get up in the 60's. She put on a t-shirt, jeans, a sweatshirt, a jacket and mittens. Today at school they were supposed to wear team jerseys etc for Red Ribbon week, so Molly was in luck that the t-shirt and sweatshirt were both supporting the Minnesota Golden Gophers. (Bill's Alma matter) We are raising a Florida baby who loves Minnesota, you bettcha, don'tcha know!

Monday, October 27, 2008


It's getting a little cooler here in Florida, in the 40's & 50's in the evening but still 80's during the day. Molly is worried that she will be too cold with her Halloween costume. She is going as a Genie, (a costume from the last recital) heck if I'm going to buy a costume when we have 5 perfectly good costumes from this years recital.

(That's Molly doing the splits in the air)

I thought we could make her look like "I dream of Jennie" and add a pony tail and maybe a veil. Now she's thinking it would be too cold for that costume. Come on, I grew up in Iowa where we had to bundle up over or under our costumes. It's not that cold out, you don't know cold little girl!
We also have a reprieve from dance that night, YEA. Although we do have a class right away Saturday morning at 9:00 and then another at 12:30. Oh well, can't have a totally dance free week-end, we wouldn't know what to do!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Ok, Disney is considered the "Happiest Place on Earth". I love Disney just as much as the next person but...What is wrong with this picture? Snow White looks like she is possessed. A demonic Snow White at "The Happiest Place on Earth"? Those poor kids, excited about going to Disney and meeting the princesses and they get this?

Let's take a closer look shall we?

She either is constipated or she's really is over being Snow White and needs a little vacation.
Pictures taken from Journey to Audrey blog
Hello Fellow Bloggers...........

Not sure where to begin? Lets get a few things out in the open, first Deb is the level headed one! I am more the rebel. Now there is nothing wrong with either, I wish I was more of the other but that is not to be. I like to tell it how it is......whether it hurts or not! I have learned (not much) as I get older to be less blunt, it doesn't always come out that way. For example just an hour ago I was sitting in my driveway getting my hair streaked (we are not rednecks just sounds that way) by my very gay neighbor ( he likes to be referred to as our gay neighbor) when our other older 70ish neighbor came by, she has grey hair, go figure, well g.neighbor said lets do your hair......ok people it came out purple! She was a good sport about it but not me........"Oh my god if that was my hair I would be pissed off!" Needless to say she left saying it was ok and g.neighbor left in a huff telling me "I didn't need to stir the pot" Hell yes I did......thank goodness it is almost Halloween she can say it's part of her costume. See what I mean I didn't have to say anything I couldn't help it.

Ok..... for two people who are so different in so many ways, Deb and I we get along wonderful....there have been days where she has saved me from myself.

Well enough rambling for one night

Go Obama!

Ron Howard Rocks!

I grew up watching Opie and Richie and have always had a fondness for Ron Howard. He seems so down-to-earth and loveable.
This video rocks, I love it, thanks Ronny!!!

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

This election can not get over fast enough!!!

One more week (give or take a couple of days) of this nonsense. All those negative ads local and national are driving me crazy. I don't listen to any of them, well maybe to laugh at the ridicules claims some of them make. I just saw McCain's latest, "I'm Joe the Plumber" ad. He's grasping at straws. Anyway my husband found this clip and since we are both such Les Miz fans, it was extremely funny to us.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our First Post

Welcome, I can't believe I'm blogging, I've been a lurker to many blogs for the past year or so and finally have the courage to do it myself. So not sure what this one will be about, I'm guessing everyday stuff and a few rants along the way.
Chris (my fellow blogger) & I are friends who decided one day (today) to blog. We are both Moms of 8 year olds, I have a daughter who dances and Chris has a son who plays hockey and they have been friends for as long as they can remember.
We both are from somewhere other than Florida and both moved here for our husband's job. We met through a Mom's Club which was a life saver for us both.
So welcome again and hope you stay a while.