Tuesday, December 9, 2008

That Darn Dog

So, who else has a dog that destroys things? Hmm...Anyone???
Well, our dog Maggie who is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, ten years old, diabetic and blind decided to destroy two coolers. Here are a few pictures as evidence.

All that brown stuff all over the coolers is the dried blood
This is the culprit, Maggie. This picture was taken when she was younger, but just as naughty.

It was the Friday when I got my new refrigerator and we had been living out of two huge, heavy duty coolers for a couple of days and she had only sniffed at them a couple of times. She had been alone with them a few times also including 3 or 4 hours on Thanksgiving. So Friday comes and we spent all day home working on Molly's science project. The refrigerator comes in the afternoon and we put all of the food from the coolers into it. It was getting close to dinnertime and we didn't have anything to make so we went to a restaurant close by. We were gone maybe an hour, the dog had been fed so she wasn't hungry but I guess she was pissed off.

We return home to find our two coolers destroyed, blood smeared over both of them and a bag of ice out and melted all over the kitchen floor. The blood was from where she scratched her nose and probably her mouth from all the chewing. It looked like someone died and fought long and hard not to die. The thing that got me was there wasn't any food left in either of the coolers, here they had been sitting out for 3 days and she didn't touch them, go figure!?

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