Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Flashback

Ok, it's not really a flashback but I had to name it something to cover the week in review.

This is NOT Cooper (although I'm sure he would do this if given the chance)

I found this picture on the website The Spiced Life. This lady has TWO Chesapeake's! Lord help her, just having one is more than enough for me! Maggie was a food hound too, we had to be careful what we left on the counter. In her lifetime she had eaten an Easter basket full of candy, brownies (more than a couple times), a 3rd of a roast, part of a Thanksgiving apple pie and that's just what I can remember of the top of my head. She only got sick off of the candy and threw-up chocolate on my carpet, twice. Cooper seems to be ok with just his food, although I dropped a piece of my cereal on the floor and now he seems to think when I have cereal in the morning I have to give him a bite. Not happen'n, we aren't going down that road. Maggie was quite the begger and we don't want Cooper to get in those bad habits.

Molly at dance
Molly in her Can Can costume for competition

Dance is going full force with the first competition only 2 weeks away. They are practicing an extra hour on Thursdays and now Saturdays for 3 hours, next it will be Sundays too (I hope not!). Molly received a complement from her dance teacher last night that she has been really working the last couple of nights. That's good to hear since she is one of the youngest in the class and she is also in the mini group as well. She is in 4 dances at competition so she is getting pushed to the max. She is in Acro as well and just told me she almost landed her front handspring. WOW, for a little girl who couldn't even do a cartwheel until last year she is doing great.

Today Bill is taking the team pictures for the Competition teams, all but the seniors who weren't all available, so he will have to take them next Saturday. It's always something, we wanted to get a full team picture so as to have one to put in the paper, now I will have to set up the rest of the team and then photoshop the seniors in. Oh well, gives me a chance to hone my skills.

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