Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where can I get One of These???

I want this, complete with kittens! Ya, that would go over well with the other animals not to mention my husband. The dog would love it, he is enthralled with the cats. Tux the male cat has told the dog in no uncertain terms that he is the BOSS, and don't you forget it! Every time Cooper comes around Tux, whether he is just walking by or actually trying to get him to play with him, Tux growls and gives him the "evil eye". If Cooper gets too close, Tux bats him with his paws, mind you he has no claws but he still gets a good slap in (you can even hear it!).

Callie on the other hand has come out from under the bed and is interested in the dog, now that we have tried to convince the dog that he doesn't have to chase the cat every time he sees her. Callie actually went up to the dog and let him sniff her and Callie was acting like her old self. She and Maggie (our previous dog) loved each other and she would rub up against Maggie and let Maggie lick her and cuddle with her. I think Callie misses Maggie and is trying to develop the same relationship with Cooper. It may take a while for this dog to get the picture but Cooper just wants to play with them, doesn't want to hurt them (at least on purpose).

Molly and Cooper are getting along well, we are trying to get Cooper to not play bite. When Molly gets on the floor with him, he thinks she wants to play rough, so we are training him to not play bite so he doesn't accidentally nip someone other than us. That would be not good so we are "Nipping it in the bud" so to speak.

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