Friday, January 9, 2009

Cooper our new dog???

Well, it's been a rough week without Maggie, I dedogafied (I know that's not a word but who cares...) the house a couple of days ago. The cats have been meowing for no reason, probably wondering where their friend is.

Then Bill was looking on the CBR Rescue site. There was a one year old male that was being fostered in Georgia. We had talked about it before and if we were to get another Chessie it would be a male and I really didn't want to do the puppy thing again. So he called on it and it had just been adopted but she just found out about a Chessie that was a stray about an hour away from us.

Bill called on the dog several times, we were concerned that maybe it was someone's pet and they hadn't found it yet, we really didn't want to adopt it and then the owners come looking for it. After we and the shelter were satisfied that no one was looking for him, we went up there (over an hour away, thought I would see banjos soon, that's how far out this place was) to visit the dog. We wanted to see if it was one that we could bond with and to see how well it did with Molly. They had named the dog Cooper and it seemed to fit him, he's a very rambunctious 1 year old, very strong and not fully grown yet. He did very well other than jumping up on you, which I expected. Molly was able to pet him and give him his toy without him nipping or biting. He of course was very playful and hasn't been trained to sit or stay yet, we will have to to a lot of work with him. He doesn't seem to have an aggressive bone in his body, he just wants to play.

So we pick him up from the vet's on Monday after he is fixed and bring him home. Here are a couple of shots of him that were on their website.I will have to let you know how the first night goes on Monday!


Bee said...

What a beautiful dog!

I have to little doggy weirdos and I can imagine what you went through with your Maggie. :o(

Deb said...

Thanks, he will be a handful but he is a sweetheart.