Friday, January 16, 2009

He's Ours!

Yes, we were finally able to bring Cooper home, he is a lovable big puppy. He's learning his commands very fast, so someone must have worked with him a little. If you would like to read the whole saga and see more pictures, visit my husband Bill's blog.

We think he may have been a case of abandonment, they posted the notice on the door of his last residence in Orange County but the neighbor said they hadn't been there since January 1st. So they may have lost their home and dropped him off at an Animal hospital as a stray. Anyway that's what it looks like.

He seems to be settling in, he and the cats have had a few discussions, he just wants to play and the cats don't! Molly and Cooper are buddies already and he and I have bonded as well.

Now the fun begins! Here is a picture of him and Molly's drawing of that photo. For more pictures visit .

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Fiona Keel said...

Hey Deb, It has been awhile since
I've checked out your blog. So sorry to read about Maggie, but how exciting about the new addition to the family. He is one lucky dog.

Minnesota is just emerging from a wickedly miserable cold spell -- temperatures never rose above zero for four days. Friday morning we woke to -31 degrees, Brrrr! The good news is we got a 2-hour late start for school; I always love those :)

Greetings to Bill.

Fiona :)