Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feels like I'm back in School

What is with 3rd grade a ton of homework? Man, I feel like I'm back in school. I think the teachers give all that homework just to see how well the parents do. Molly brought home information on the Science Fair last night. Well I informed my husband Bill, that this was his and Molly's project to do. She has to keep a journal and come up with a hypotheses, prove or disprove it, and then create a display board with her findings (YEA for me). She also brought home a project due next Tuesday about the election. She has to create a collage including pictures, articles, editorials and headlines about the election. This too is Bill's project since he majored in poly/sci. He did state that it was my part of the project to help her put it on the paper, that I think I can do! Now my projects are the book reports and the book projects we have to do each month. This month we picked making a front page of a newspaper that related to the book. So far we picked the harder projects to do so that we can coast the rest of the year. Next month we are doing the dreaded board game of which I have heard described at dance. There are several teachers who's daughters dance with Molly so if there is any questions about school I know I have a whole forum to choose from right in the waiting area of Dance!

A side note about the weather, Molly has proclaimed it is too cold to go to school. The overnight low was 41 degrees and supposed to get up in the 60's. She put on a t-shirt, jeans, a sweatshirt, a jacket and mittens. Today at school they were supposed to wear team jerseys etc for Red Ribbon week, so Molly was in luck that the t-shirt and sweatshirt were both supporting the Minnesota Golden Gophers. (Bill's Alma matter) We are raising a Florida baby who loves Minnesota, you bettcha, don'tcha know!

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