Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hello Fellow Bloggers...........

Not sure where to begin? Lets get a few things out in the open, first Deb is the level headed one! I am more the rebel. Now there is nothing wrong with either, I wish I was more of the other but that is not to be. I like to tell it how it is......whether it hurts or not! I have learned (not much) as I get older to be less blunt, it doesn't always come out that way. For example just an hour ago I was sitting in my driveway getting my hair streaked (we are not rednecks just sounds that way) by my very gay neighbor ( he likes to be referred to as our gay neighbor) when our other older 70ish neighbor came by, she has grey hair, go figure, well g.neighbor said lets do your hair......ok people it came out purple! She was a good sport about it but not me........"Oh my god if that was my hair I would be pissed off!" Needless to say she left saying it was ok and g.neighbor left in a huff telling me "I didn't need to stir the pot" Hell yes I did......thank goodness it is almost Halloween she can say it's part of her costume. See what I mean I didn't have to say anything I couldn't help it.

Ok..... for two people who are so different in so many ways, Deb and I we get along wonderful....there have been days where she has saved me from myself.

Well enough rambling for one night

Go Obama!

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