Friday, October 31, 2008

The Neighborhood Association Police

Yes, I live in a gated neighborhood, not too uncommon down in Florida. Don't know why they have the gates, it's not too hard for anyone to get in. Along with the gated neighborhood comes the "Neighborhood Association". It's really anyone who doesn't have anything better to do than rat out your neighbors. Now I appreciate a well kept lawn just as much as the next person but come on, we just got a letter from our friendly neighborhood association (I won't add the name my husband gives them). Asking us to please remove the "unapproved political sign in our yard" within 10 days. Well the election is over by then, duh. They just sent out the letter this week, and if it was such a eye sore than they should have sent it out when we first put it up a couple of weeks ago. I think they are just covering their butts by asking us to take it down after the election. What a crock, isn't this the United States? Isn't there freedom of speech (Oh yea, I forgot we have a dictator for a president currently I hope that is remedied this next week, btw). Anyway, what's with all the Halloween crap out in everyone's lawn, isn't that in violation? Not to say we don't decorate for Halloween, we do and our polictical sign is right in front of our Oogy Boogy (the big green guy from "The Nightmare before Christmas" If anyone has a Jack the Pumpkin King or Sally blow-ups, let me know we have been searching for them!) Now how can our sign be that obnoxious next to Oogy Boogy? Oh well, here's a picture of the sign and our blow-up Oogy Boogy.Maybe they'll take it as "Vote for Obama or get eaten by the Oogy Boogy", guess it couldn't hurt!

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