Monday, October 27, 2008


It's getting a little cooler here in Florida, in the 40's & 50's in the evening but still 80's during the day. Molly is worried that she will be too cold with her Halloween costume. She is going as a Genie, (a costume from the last recital) heck if I'm going to buy a costume when we have 5 perfectly good costumes from this years recital.

(That's Molly doing the splits in the air)

I thought we could make her look like "I dream of Jennie" and add a pony tail and maybe a veil. Now she's thinking it would be too cold for that costume. Come on, I grew up in Iowa where we had to bundle up over or under our costumes. It's not that cold out, you don't know cold little girl!
We also have a reprieve from dance that night, YEA. Although we do have a class right away Saturday morning at 9:00 and then another at 12:30. Oh well, can't have a totally dance free week-end, we wouldn't know what to do!

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