Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, Busy, Busy, reminds me of the magician in Frosty. The uptight gay magician who wanted his hat back, ya know the one that made Frosty come to life! What a jerk.

Anyway we had a busy week-end with dance on Friday night, dance on Saturday morning and afternoon, Molly going to Grandma's to stay overnight, Church on Sunday morning and dance again after Church. When we finally had a free moment on Sunday afternoon, Molly & Dad had to work on the science fair project. She only had about a half an hour to play with her next door neighbor friend Kerstin. She hardly has time to be a kid anymore. The dance on the week-ends will end soon, it's for the "Christmas Spectacular" show the studio is putting on. Molly originally didn't want to do it, which was fine by me but then she saw the tin solders that they bought for the show. She then got excited about it. I think she is having fun with it and it is just till Dec 10th when they have the show. We then headed out to the spaghetti supper the youth of the church was putting on to raise money for their trip to the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans in 2010. We drove by the church and the parking lot was FULL. Needless to say we drove on past thinking we could just give them some money and not make matters worse by trying to eat some spaghetti in an already full fellowship hall. There is always next Sunday when they do it again at the north campus.

As for this week, Molly has off on Tuesday, ya that's right a day off of school in the middle of the week. Genus! Go to school for 1 day and then off and then go back for 3 days, why didn't they choose a different day to take off? Veterans day??? Don't remember having off that day before. Oh well, we might go shopping or something, we have to get an outfit for one of the scenes for the show, an all white, off-white or cream outfit. You hear me correctly, in the winter. I think I found one at Macy's, an off-white velour sweatsuit, that will have to work. Also a colorful sweater or fleece shirt with a scarf and hat. I found the scarf and hat at Old Navy on Saturday for a $1 each! What a find!!! Granted down in Florida we don't have much use for the hat and scarf, maybe one or two days during December or January. We aren't going to make it up north this year so I'm glad they were only a buck.

Next Sunday Bill and I have tickets to the Bucs vs. Vikings game. A vendor of his gave us the tickets and they are in one of the suites. Origianlly Bill asked if I wanted to go or if he should take Molly. I said Molly could go, she would love it. Then I found out it was in a suite, man that stuff would be wasted on her so I'm going. Besides she has dance practice again anyway. I'm not that big of a fan of either teams, can't stand to watch football on TV, but being at a game is different. It will be fun.

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Peak Art said...

Hi Deb,
Its great that you saw Phantom again. How many times and where have you seen it?

I wanted to say hi and thank you for putting my link on your blog. I enjoy checking in and seeing what you are up to.

Take care,