Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Phantom Phever

Yipee, we get to go to Phantom of the Opera tonight! It's playing at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Theater for the next couple of weeks. For some of the shows you can purchase an adult ticket and get a child's ticket for free. So that's what we did for this evening, Molly gets to take along a friend since we had the extra ticket. The girls are very excited since Elaine Matthews (who is currently in the Phantom of the Opera) came to their dance studio last week-end to teach a master class. She said she would take the girls backstage to meet some of the cast to take pictures & get autographs. I am also excited since it was the Phantom that got me "hooked" on musicals and theater. I was a Phantom Phan way back when it first came to Broadway. My roommate at the time and I traveled out to L.A. to see Michael Crawford in Phantom. I have never forgotten the feeling that first moment when the chandelier rises to the ceiling. The music, the drama and the songs. Molly has love of the theater and I hope she "gets that feeling" as well.

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