Sunday, November 23, 2008

"The Sickness"

The sickness has invaded our house, we haven't had the "throw-ups" in years. So we've been up since 4:30 when it started. She had just gone into the bathroom to use the toilet when I heard the retching. Luckily I was sleeping in the spare room with her last night since she had a stomach ache. So we only had the mess in the bathroom to clean up. Since then she has been back to her own bed with the bucket beside her. Just was talking to some other Moms at dance about how it had been years since Molly had been that sick. Now look, I jinxed myself. It's been going around at school and at dance. I guess we were due, just hope I don't get it. I've been washing my hands like a maniac since she started "using the bucket". So about 7:00 am I thought Bill could handle it and I laid down and just had drifted off to sleep when Molly came into our bed. Of course she thought she was done being sick and Bill didn't stop her, I told her she couldn't be in there unless she had the bucket with her. No sooner that she put that bucket on the floor and got into bed, she puked again, on my sheets, on the comforter and a little in the bucket. AHHH, I can't stand that smell, it's bad enough to rinse out the bucket but to then have it in my bedroom.
I know she couldn't help it but Bill let her get out of her bed and into mine. Didn't he see what would happen, men... So hopefully we don't give it to too many people, hope we aren't sick next week either. That would be a bummer, I remember being sick during Thanksgiving one year, took forever to even think about eating pumpkin pie again!

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priscilla said...

hope you and your family are feeling better soon. i know, being sick especially throwing up is terrible! thanks for having me on your blogroll, i will be having more contest soon!:)