Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun day at the Park

Molly and her Gingerbread House

Just a couple of Gummy Bears enjoying a campfire!

The front of the Gingerbread House

The backside of the Gingerbread House

We, Molly & I had a fun day at the park. My friend Katy gets a bunch a kids together to make gingerbread houses. Just small milk cartons, graham crackers, fondant icing and candy. The kids all had fun, beautiful day (just a tad windy), hot chocolate and snacks. Molly had fun making her house, think it will go to Grandma's as our dog would eat it in one bite. Forgot my camera but there was someone there with a digital going to send me a copy, hope she follows through. The kids then had fun playing on the playground at the park. After that Katy, I and the kids went to McDonald's to eat and they played again for a few minutes. Molly hasn't done that in ages so I was glad we could do that today. Now tonight Molly will go to grandma's to stay overnight, they have something they have been working on for Christmas so they were going to finish it up tonight. Grandma will then bring her to Church tomorrow where we will meet up.
It was nice having the whole week off, even if it meant getting sick and staying home.

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